The Ubros Trilogy



In this first book of the Ubros Odyssey Trilogy, Ubros, a giant artificial entity and One, his  incredible starship, are built by God's chosen race in a faraway universe on the planet Aton. The Atons used the energy from the remains of a dead star to provide powerful armaments and the fuel to power the ship for ​millions of years. They launched it on a mission through the vast and endless cosmos to help the weak, while serving justice on those who would prey on them. The ship was launched barely in time before the planet was destroyed by its exploding star, and its inhabitants taken to serve their almighty God as angels. It is a million years before Ubros is awakened and realizes the beginning of his destiny.

The One first takes Ubros to the Orange Planet where he defends a primitive species of beings from marauding invaders who are not only pillaging their resources, but infecting them with a deadly disease. When he leaves the planet he is not alone; he has two very young passengers. But this is only the first adventure in a long journey that takes Ubros and the One through time portals, gateways, and dimensions to new and very different worlds. His ultimate destination is made aware to him by two of God's angels, it's the planet Earth.


Finally, the demon ship exits the passage with the One close behind. Both ships are firing     continuously, each one's weapons having an impact on the other. It is as if the entire universe is focused on this classic battle. There is nothing else in the darkness but the red and blue blasts from the cannon fire and the One's solar lasers. Flames are darting from the enemy ship; the smoke and flying debris is intense. The demon ship is a fortress of significant magnitude; it is resistant to many of the powerful blasts from the One.​



In the first book of the Ubros Odyssey Trilogy, Ubros - The Odyssey Begins, Ubros uses his technology to help the two primitives he took with him from the Orange planet evolve into special beings. These are the Oshi, Kreg and Uri.Their incredible destinies were not known to anyone but those who had become their angels.  In this second book, Ubros is on a mission of revenge as the One journeys from the blue planet called Earth to the faraway star system of Sirius, and the three planets, Sumatra, Aven and Seren.

Ubros has a limited amount of time he can be gone from Earth. He must return within 1500 years to witness a special event, and to assist Uri to meet her divine destiny. But he runs into trouble as he wages war with a powerful enemy on Seren. His timely departure from the Sirius sector is not guaranteed.

A new Alien arrives in the solar system of Earth and befriends Ubros. ​Together, but in a another time, they fight an invading force of formidable abilities. Ubros reignites a previous companionship on Earth, and confirms his belief that the new species he had delivered there long ago can turn on its own when power is at stake.

Ubros advances into the future, takes two more passengers and begins the long transition that may shape a new world into one worthy of being under God.


"...At approximately 1600 hours the alien arrived at the base. He entered the building used as a holding area. Shortly after he entered, I heard small arms fire coming from within the building. We had not been there but a few minutes before the alien came out. He was carrying a man who appeared to be dead or unconscious. He had two kids with him. He was using a weapon that literally cut down our guys. It was as if the rays came out of his eyes! His ship was on the surface of the compound at that time. A door opened and the alien and the kids went inside..."



At the end of the second book in the Odyssey series, Ubros - The Odyssey Continues, Ubros had left Josh and Grey Williams in charge of the Earth's protection. He had complete trust in them and their astonishing abilities; they were capable of defending Earth. Now he could continue on his journey through the cosmos and resume his mission. But dark forces would soon be at work on Earth and would later interfere with his plans.  

Ubros is in a long mechanical sleep far from Earth when the One is attacked by a powerful force. After a brief encounter with his new nemesis, Satan, he continues on to meet with his God in a very strange place. Ubros is sent on several missions, one of which involves meeting with God's only son. Ubros joins Jesus' group and begins to look after him. But nothing can interfere with God's will and Ubros must find a way to endure the disappointment of what is to come.

Ubros travels through a time zone to the future and a new war. There he gives valuable​assistance to help end the misery that has engulfed the planet. But Ubros can't rewrite history, and massive pain and suffering are unavoidable. 


Uri takes the young girl in her arms and holds her. She strokes her long brown hair and her face. Uri holds her for a few moments, and when she releases her, she hears a voice; the girl is trying to speak for the first time. Her voice crackles at first, and the words are hard to understand, but then she begins to speak more clearly. She is smiling broadly, and talking loudly.  She has a new ability and she is using it.