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Judgment At Hickory Nut Gorge, the first novel in the Sean Tzu Mystery Thriller Series, is a story a

Judgment At Hickory Nut Gorge, the first novel in the Sean Tzu Mystery Thriller Series, is a story about one of the most heinous types of crimes, the abduction, enslavement, and murder of innocent young girls. It is set in a popular resort community located in Western North Carolina. A respected member of the community is taking the children he first stalks and then strikes when they least expect.

FBI Special Agent Sean Tzu, along with Sheriff Tommy Nolan, find themselves deeply involved in the case as they relentlessly search for clues that may lead to the predator and the missing girls. An unlikely alliance takes place between the kidnapper and a sadistic killer that creates an unusual twist in the case that brings them together for a common cause.

Sean suffers a personal loss at the hands of the ones he is pursuing. The long chase brings them all together for a reckoning, a judgment. The excitement and suspense grows with this thrilling drama as the killers face the forces of justice in a critical race against time, time the girls don't have. Unbelievable courage is the continuous thread that binds this story in a fashion you will never forget. 


"Nesbitt hears the water stop and the shower door open; his pulse quickens, the realization that he is about to see her naked is more than he can stand. He knows it is only a matter of a few minutes until she comes out of the room. He tries to anticipate what she is doing she drying off, is she brushing her hair, or is she putting on some sexy underwear? The minutes pass and she is still in there...the palms of his hands are starting to sweat..."



In this second novel of the Sean Tzu Mystery Thriller series, an American archaeologist discovers a powerful weapon in an ancient Chinese tomb. He had no idea that what he had found is an alien relic called a Genie. It is so powerful all the major nations on the planet want it, and will do anything to get it.

The Genie had been given to General Sun Tzu 2500 years earlier and was buried in the hidden tomb with him after his death. This is Sean Tzu's famous ancestor, and it's not long before Sean finds himself in the middle of a U.S. military conspiracy. Money, greed and elite power drive the action of this spine tingling drama. Murderous assassins stalk the country looking for this ultimate weapon. But unfortunately for all the players in this deadly game, the aliens who brought it to Earth want it returned. Sean comes face to face with the owner and the conclusion to this exciting story is shocking.


"Blake sees his blood squirting and spreading in the water from the nub of his missing arm he stretched toward the surface, and from his lower body where his left leg use to be. His lungs are burning, he's choking from the warm sea water entering his lungs. He tries to keep from taking in more water, he needs air, he needs help to survive. But help will come too late, realization has set in. 

"Oh my God," Blake tries to scream through the choking water, "I'm being eaten alive!"



In this book three of the Sean Tzu Mystery Thriller Series, Sean is brought into a dark conspiracy that threatens the very survival of the country. Two nuclear scientists are abducted in a brutal attack at their mountain home; their children run away during the invasion and get lost in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Their survival is endangered by freezing temperatures and stalking predators, the two-legged kind.
Sean borrows the family’s dog, Snow, a huge German Shepherd, to work with him to find the kids before they freeze or starve in the wilderness, but they too are abducted and used as pawns to force their parents to work to produce a weapon of mass destruction.
The action is fast-moving and non-stop as Sean and Snow stalk the killers to try to rescue the Roth family. Murder, treason, kidnapping, and a dark government conspiracy are all part of this exciting adventure. Brace yourself for an exciting and magical conclusion. You won’t want to put the book down once you begin to read, Snow.


"If you don't start apologizing I'm going to put a bullet in your pretty little head. Then we're going to shoot everybody at the motherfucking table. So, if you don't want blood all over these nice people seated at these other tables, tell me you're sorry, you white bitch!" I don't know if he's angry at Kiera because she's white or what, but he's really beginning to piss me off.